The Things You Can Do To Your Boyfriend to Piss Him Off. (what causes a boyfriend to lose interest in you)

By David Coates

Over the past twenty-nine years… I’ve help over one hundred and seventy women get their ex-boyfriends back into their lives. What I’ve done for you today is… remember as many of these relationships as I can… and write a pretty concise list of all the things you can do to a man… which will piss him off. I’ve also included the things women have done with me… that really annoyed me.

If you do your very best NOT to do any of these things… you will become a much more attractive woman is you ex-boyfriends eyes… and to all other men.

The reason it’s important for you to be aware of these reasons… is… each time you piss him off… he kinda remembers. It’s like putting a brick down… to build a wall.

Each time you piss him off… another brick goes down… and up goes the wall.

When the wall gets too big… he loses interest in you… and you break up.

Now you can remove the bricks… by the nice things you do for him.

I wrote this article… because I’ve seen quite a lot of women get tantalisingly close to getting him back… but each time he is ready to actually ‘get back with her’… she screws it all up… by simply doing something or saying something that irritates him.

I really don’t want you to go through that. Losing him in the first place is bad enough… but to get so close to getting him back… and losing him AGAIN… that hurts A LOT.

Please don’t make that mistake.

Number One – Being Too Emotional…

On an emotional level… men and women are very different.

I remember a few years ago… watching a movie at the cinema with a few friends. Sarah who was sat next to me started to cry… at a sad point in the film. After a few minutes… I asked her If she was ok. Sarah turned round… said something to me that I didn’t understand… turned back round to carry on watching the film through tear filled eyes.

I sat back in my seat… wondering what I should do. Should I put my arm around her… should I ignore her…

From a man’s point of view… a woman who is ‘too emotional’… is a child. Sarah was a good friend… fun to be with… but after the tears over the film… my opinion of her went down… and I began to see her as a child who had yet to grow up.

The point I want you to get is… a man doesn’t mind a woman’s emotions… as long as she isn’t ‘too emotional’.

‘Too emotional’ means… the woman is a lot more emotional than the man. Put another man in the seat I was… a man who is more emotional than I am… Sarah’s crying wouldn’t have bothered him.

But to me… Sarah was way more emotional than me… which is why I didn’t know what to do.

Number Two – Giving Him Too Much Too Soon…

Most women already know this... don’t sleep with a man on the first date…

But… the same principle applies to your relationship with a man.

If you give your man… pretty much anything he wants… when he wants it… he will quickly lose interest in you. In a relationship… we have to work to keep the other person interested… otherwise you will lose the other person.

Whenever a man feels like he has conquered his woman… he simply loses interest in her… just like you lose interest in a man if he becomes an obedient lapdog.

Number Three – Being Too Controlling…

When a man and woman start going out… one of the un-written rules is… you are both equals.

Some women (and some men)… don’t get this… and they try to control the other person.

The reasons why a woman wants to control a man (and a man wants to control a woman)… are…

(a) Fear of loss. They are afraid of losing what they have… so keep very tight control over the other person.

(b) Wanting to feel like they have power over the other person. If Janet feels like her life is out of control… or she feels like other people have power over her… she will want to have power over somebody… ie her boyfriend. It’s just how some people react to a feeling of powerlessness.

Nobody wants to be controlled by another person… the few who don’t mind… have low self-esteem. Once their self-esteem goes up… they will then resent the person who tries to control them.

Dictating Who He Can and Can’t See…

This is similar to the above… trying to control who he can and cannot see.

“I never want you to see her ever again”

“I don’t know why you are meeting Steven tonight. All he ever does is drink beer and ogle women”

“Choose… It’s either her or me.”

All men appreciate guidance and suggestions… but not any of the above.

Showing Your Insecurity Too Often…

I can be a real hard-faced bastard at times… but I am also a very caring person… and when I see a woman is insecure… I don’t hold it against her… nor does it annoy me.

But… if her insecurity is too visible too often… that really puts me off her… and all other men are exactly like me on this one.

Different men have different tolerances… but if your insecurities are too visible too often… he will really be put off you.

Women who are insecure… tend to want to control other people (especially their boyfriend). They do it because what you can control… can’t hurt you.

The feeling of insecurity is really the feeling of lack of control over your life. People who feel like this automatically want to control something in their life… their boyfriend.

Crocodile Tears / Emotional Blackmail…

Ninety-nine per cent of men genuinely care about their girlfriends… and when a man sees his girl upset and crying… he genuinely wants to comfort and help her.

However… if a woman does this just to get attention… or to control a man’s behaviour… we pick up on this pretty quickly… and we don’t like it.

It makes a man feel deceived… lied to… and it destroys trust.

If you remember the story of the little boy who cried wolf… if you lie too often… people stop believing you.

So… if you use emotional blackmail or crocodile tears too often… he will stop believing you are upset… and will slowly become cold towards you.

Using Sex as A Weapon…

Sex is the ultimate weapon a woman can use to control a man… and it will work with almost all men. The problem is… when he realises you are doing this… he will no longer value having sex with you.

If you give him sex when he does what you want him to do… and deny sex when he doesn’t… he will eventually realise this… and he will begin to see sex as just sex. This is why men use women just for sex. If a woman doesn’t value it… why should the man?

All the romance and intimacy and good after-sex feeling will fade away… and he will begin to look to other women for the intimacy associated with genuine loving sex between a man and woman.

Being Too High-Maintenance…

How would you describe a high-maintenance woman? Here’s a list I’ve compiled from asking a few of my friends… and my own experiences.

(a) She complains about how her boyfriend’s car or house looks.

(b) She complains about her boyfriend not dressing in a sophisticated way.

(c) She takes three suitcases full of clothes on a weekend away… and takes up half the space in her boyfriend’s suitcase as well.

(d) She spends a lot of time at the hairdressers and nail salon.

(e) She starts getting ready for a night out around lunchtime.

(f) She clings to her boyfriend.

(g) She is overly selfish… everything has to be centred around her… never anyone else.

(h) She dumps her boyfriend when he runs out of money or stops spending it on her.

(i) She is very fake. Fake nail… fake eyelashes… fake boobs…The more fake she is… the more high-maintenance she is.

Most men do not like high-maintenance woman. Imagine what it feels like knowing that if you stop spending money on your boyfriend… he will dump you.

Not Making Him Feel Desired…

As a women… you want your boyfriend to desire you… because it makes you feel good… makes you feel like you have power over him.

Men… are very similar. When I know my girlfriend desires me… and wants me… I feel good. It makes me feel comfortable in the relationship… and stops me from paying too much attention to other women.

When a man feels like he isn’t admired or desired… he slowly begins to lose interest in his girlfriend… and when a woman appears in his life who does find him desirable… he will automatically turn to her for those feelings.

Imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend didn’t desire you anymore… and another man did desire you. Wouldn’t you warm to this other man?

Same Old Shit…

As humans… we always want what’s new.

Think of the websites you visit on a regular basis. Aren’t you always looking out for new content on these websites?

Hardly anybody is interested in the old stuff… we all want what’s new.

You won’t see long queues of people wanting to buy the iPhone 2… but you will see people queue up to buy the latest iPhone.

The same principle applies to relationships. We always get settled into some sort of routine. Even though you may try to vary the routine… you will both still be in a routine.

This causes a man to feel bored with his girlfriend… he will eventually begin to look at other women.

How do you prevent this?

You can’t… but… you can put a cover over the boredom… by having joint interests.

If you both like watching films… watch these together. When you do this… you are both having a new experience together… which satisfies your desires to always have something new.

Not Communicating Directly…

As a woman… you talk in an indirect language… which we men don’t understand very well.

You “The bin is full”

Me “Empty it then. Even you’re strong enough to lift it up.”


Me “Why did you just hit me? If the bin is full just empty it.”

What you should have said to me is…

“Darling the bin is full and it’s your turn to empty it.”

I remember years ago driving to a shopping centre over here in England. (We call a Mall a Shopping Centre)

Luci… the girl I was with asked me what I thought was a very nice thoughtful question.

“Would you like a cup of coffee?”

I said…

“No thanks I’m fine…”

I carried on thinking how nice it was for her to ask.

After a few minutes… I realised she had stopped talking to me.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked

My question was met with silence… so I asked again.

“You’ve suddenly gone all quiet… so obviously something is wrong. Are you going to tell me what the problem is… or do you want me to guess?”

“You didn’t stop” she said in a raised voice.

“You didn’t ask me to stop…” and a short argument followed this conversation.

Men speak directly… women speak indirectly… and men tend not to understand this indirect language.

If you both don’t figure out how to overcome this… he will begin to lose interest in you… because he will feel you don’t say what you mean.

Letting Yourself Go…

The question every man dreads is…

“Do I look fat in this?”

If you answer honestly and say yes… you are in big trouble.

If you lie and say no… she could say “You’re lying”… and you’re still in big trouble.

So… regardless of which answer you give… you’re screwed.

My response to this question… and other similar questions… is to play the politician. I ignore the questions and make a statement.

“Do I look fat in this” is a woman’s indirect way of saying…

“I feel self-conscious about my weight and I want reassurance from you.”

So… my answer is…

“As I stand here looking at you right now… and I reflect on the other women I could have chosen to be my girlfriend… I’m glad I chose you… because I genuinely think you are beautiful.”

Sometimes there is a pause… as she checks me with her bullshit detector… and when I pass the test… I get my reward.

Bottom line is… women do sometimes let themselves go a bit when they feel settled in a relationship.

Most men don’t mind this… no one expects perfection… but there’s a difference between letting yourself go a bit… and letting yourself go… a lot.

Imagine how you would feel if your boyfriend gradually stopped going to the gym to work out… stopped buying nice clothes… stopped eating a healthy diet and started to turn into a fat slob?

Would you begin to lose interest in him?

Most women would… and the same applies to men. There’s a limit on how much we will tolerate… and if you exceed this limit… he will lose interest in you… and begin to take more notice of other women.

The Argumentative Drama Queen…

From a man’s point of view… women tend to be argumentative… and some women can be totally crazy.

You “Which dress do you think I should wear… the blue one or the green one?”

Me “Erm… the blue one.”

You “Are you saying I’m fat?”

Me “Huh? I’m just answering your question.”

From my point of view… you are trying to cause an argument. Even though you aren’t… I will think you are.

No one has a perfect relationship… there will always be disagreements… arguments and a bit of drama… but if there are too many arguments… disagreements and too much drama… we lose interest.

Nobody wants to come home to a venomous woman who’s eager to find some tiny thing to argue about.

Most women who act like this are simply craving love and attention and reassurance… but most men don’t understand this. It’s back to the indirect language problem. If we don’t understand… there’s nothing we can do.

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