How to get your ex back if he cheated on you

By David Coates

Is it really possible to get a cheating boyfriend back?

Yes you can. A more important question is… why would you want him back?

Over the past twenty-nine years… I’ve seen and helped about one hundred and seventy couples get back together… and the women who’s ex-boyfriends or ex-husbands cheated on them… had an easier time getting him back… than all the other types of breakup.

This is primarily because he felt guilty… about cheating… and he got back with her to get rid of the feeling of guilt.

But… why would you want him back?

Most of the women I’ve ever known, who’s boyfriends cheated on them… didn’t want him back. They felt hurt, betrayed and undesirable.

After you read this page, you may feel the same way. I’m simply going to tell it to you straight… so you can decide what you want to do.

I wrote this article as a guide to help you decide if you actually want him back… and to tell you what you need to do… to actually get him back into your life… should you want to.

I know exactly what it feels like to be cheated on… and I know how a woman feels too. I found that understanding why we cheat on our loved ones… made me feel better about it. I hope I can help you feel better too.

This article is packed full of valuable information on understanding the mind of the man who cheated on you… and how to approach the situation you are now in. It isn’t a step by step blueprint telling you exactly what you need to do.

If that’s what you want… take a look at this. I’m not trying to push this product on to you, or ‘sell’ you, I’m simply pointing you toward a resource which can really help you.


Why Do Men Cheat?

There are lots of reasons why men cheat… but the biggest reason is… because we feel horny and you weren’t around to do the grown-up with.

Yes I know that sounds really bad… but it’s the cold hard truth. You see, a woman’s mind is compartmentalised. This means, your sexual thoughts typically don’t interfere with other thoughts.

A man’s mind however, is wide open. Our sexual thoughts are all over the place… and can affect all other thoughts. For example… if  a man sees two curvy round objects… he typically thinks of a woman’s breasts, and begins to feel horny.

If there is a woman close by who may be interested… we automatically become more interested in her… even if we are in a happy relationship with someone else!

Men are driven by our urge to reproduce, and it affects pretty much all the decisions we make in our lives. All the qualities a man finds desirable in a woman… are all linked to reproduction… which is why men are attracted to ‘sexy’ women.

I can’t remember where I got this fact from… but an estimated sixty-per cent of men cheat on their wives… been in a happy marriage doesn’t affect this either.

Women are driven by their urge to survive. So all the qualities a woman find attractive about a man are all ‘survival’ qualities. Money, muscle, leadership, lots of friends… all these help a woman survive.

A man with money can buy lots of food, afford health care, thus aiding survival. A man who works out at the gym has the strength to protect his woman and their children… etc…

With regard to cheating… we Humans were never designed as monogamous creatures. Our urge to survive and reproduce is necessary… to stop our species from become extinct.

This is why people cheat on their loved ones.

Now I know this doesn’t help you feel better about what happened… but at least you now know why it happened.

Why Should You Try to Get Back a Cheating Boyfriend?

If you really want him back, you have to make sure you want him back for the right reasons.

If he has cheated on you lots of times before, if you believe you can’t do any better than him… or if he was mentally or physically abusive… I really urge you to stop reading this page and go out there and find someone new.

However… if you have a genuine reason for wanting him back… and if it was the first time he cheated on you… then it’s worth your spending time on getting him back into your life.

First You Must Trust Yourself

Before you get him back, I’m going to ask you to implement the no contact rule. This means you must have no contact with him for thirty days.

Usually the no contact rule is used to make him wonder why you haven’t contacted him, and to make him feel positive when you finally do decide to contact him again.

In your situation though… the rule is used for a different reason.

The no contact period is to give yourself time to decide if you want him back for the right reasons. You can only do this… if you are clear headed… and have had time to yourself to come to terms with what happened.

After thirty days… you can then decide if you want to get him back… or move on.

Is He Really Worth It?

After the thirty days, simply decide if you want to take him back, or move on. If you aren’t interested in him anymore… move on and find someone new.

If you do want him back, you need to make sure he won’t cheat on you again. Here’s how to spot a cheater:

1 – He’s selfish

2 – He is a liar

3 – He gets jealous easily

4 – He flirts with other women a lot

5 – He has cheated in the past

6 – He accuses you of inappropriate behaviour

If he has these qualities, he may be a serial cheater.

How to Contact Your Ex

If at this stage, you still want him back… here’s what to do. First, before I describe in detail exactly what you need to do to get him back into your life… I feel it’s appropriate for me to tell you about this great resource I have for you. Text Your Ex Back

I will tell you exactly what to do here on this page… but… the page I just linked to gives lots more detail (which you definitely will need to get him back).

In most cases I’ve seen, your ex will contact you at least once during the thirty day no contact period. If he has tried to contact you… that’s great… shows he still concerned or interested in you.

So right now, he’s feeling a bit of anger towards you… because he feels you have been ignoring him. That’s also great… because… when you finally do contact him… his anger will quickly fade away… and happiness will take its place.

You see, for this thirty day period (or longer, depending on your circumstances), he has been secretly wanting to hear from you… a text… e-mail… Facebook etc… and when this communication finally arrives… a wave of happiness will wash over his body… his spirits will be lifted… and he will smile a big beaming smile.

The best way to contact him is by text message.

Ringing him up is a big no no. It’s too early for that, plus you don’t have time to think. On the phone, the conversation has to be one hundred per cent perfect… for you to get the result you want… and in reality that isn’t going to happen. It’s too easy for something to go wrong… and before you know it… an argument erupts.

Writing a letter is also a big no no. It’s too personal.

E-mail, is the opposite. It’s too impersonal. How would you feel receiving a birthday card… by e-mail? A real birthday card means something. They have gone to the time and trouble of going to the shop, choosing a card, writing a nice message in it for you and mailing it to you. E-mail just doesn’t cut it.

A text message though… is more balanced. He almost guaranteed to read it, it’s not too personal or impersonal… and you have time to think… between each message.

This thinking time is very important. You can prevent an argument form starting… and… you can direct the conversation to get the end result you want.

Exactly What Should Your Text’s Say?

I have written an entire webpage to tell exactly what you need to say. Click here to read my text message guide , and I will guide you through the next stage.

Here’s what to do now

First… download a copy of my Case Study… where you will discover how my ex-girlfriend Sarah got me back after six months apart.

You will also discover how to get the very important first date with your ex-boyfriend… where he wants to meet up with you. Even if you have already met up with him since your break-up… he most likely wasn’t ready to crawl through broken glass to see you.

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Next… after your successful first date… you must escalate from meeting for a simple cup of coffee and a chat… to dating him again. You do this by…

Changing how he feels about you…

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