About David Coates

By David Coates

Born in a small Town call Shipley, in England… with a very bad stutter, I found it very difficult to speak... but as I got older... I discovered that women love men who are good listeners. They used to tell me their problems... and I got pretty good at giving advice.

I guess they felt safe telling me their secrets... because... given the fact I could hardly speak... I could hardly betray their trust.

I often found myself in the middle of someone else's relationship. She would tell me the problems she was having with her boyfriend, or about the boy she liked... and... been a man... I could explain things from a male point of view.

Sometimes her boyfriend would even start talking to me about the same problem... and I could explain the problem from her point of view... because I understood it.

I remember feeling good helping all these couples solve their differences... and it felt great when a couple that had broken up got back together again... all because of me.

Over the past twenty-nine years of this... I've discovered that all couples suffer from the same problems... and break up for very similar reasons.

This is why I created this website.

I understand that as a woman... your relationship with your man is a huge part of your life... and any problem there... is like toothache.

Toothache causes huge continuous pain throughout your entire body... and effects everything. You don't want to eat... you can't sleep... you don't want to go out... you can't concentrate on anything...

This is exactly how a woman feels… after she breaks up with her boyfriend.

I created this website because…

I know how to make your pain go away

I've helped hundreds of women over the past twenty-nine years with their relationship problems... I've glued back together so many broken relationships... and I've helped lots and lots of women get their ex-boyfriends back into their loving arms... permanently... I want to help YOU get your ex back.

You see... it's not that difficult to get an ex back into your life. It looks difficult on the outside... but once you get him back… you realise you only needed to do or say a few things.

It’s like learning to drive a car. Once you start… it’s hard work… but once you pass your test… you realise it really wasn’t that difficult… just have to remember a few things that’s all.

I've spent about two months creating this website... to make it as easy as possible for you to get him back into your life.

Each article is designed to answer the most common questions women have asked me over the past years... on how to get back an ex-boyfriend... and I've done my very best to give you a plan to help you get him back into your life... and I truly hope you get him back and live together happily ever after.

Here’s what to do now

First… download a copy of my Case Study… where you will discover how my ex-girlfriend Sarah got me back after six months apart.

You will also discover how to get the very important first date with your ex-boyfriend… where he wants to meet up with you. Even if you have already met up with him since your break-up… he most likely wasn’t ready to crawl through broken glass to see you.

This case study shows you how to make him WANT to see you again.


Next… after your successful first date… you must escalate from meeting for a simple cup of coffee and a chat… to dating him again. You do this by…

Changing how he feels about you…

I’ve got a simple four step system for you to copy… which is based on how my ex Sarah got me back into her life.


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