BS Break-up Lines

It’s not you it’s me >>>

It’s YOU.

You’re just too nice >>>

You kissed my ass too much.

We are just too alike >>>

I find you really boring.

You just don’t get me >>>

You are just too dumb to understand me.



Born with a very bad stutter… I found it very difficult to speak... but as I got older... I discovered that women love men who are good listeners. They used to tell me their problems... and I got pretty good at giving advice.

I guess they felt safe telling me their secrets... because... given the fact I could hardly speak... I could hardly betray their trust…

Top 5 First Date Worries For Men

1 – You will be different from what he expected.

2 – He won’t be the only man you are interested in.

3 – He will get physical too soon and blow it.

4 – You won’t go out on another date with him.

5 – He won’t be able to start a good conversation.

5 Things A Man Will Instantly Notice About You

1 – Your complexion (Tells a man how healthy you are)

2 – Pitch of your voice (High pitch voice more attractive than low voice)

3 – Hip to waist ratio (70/30 best)

4 – What’s fake about her (More fake stuff, false eye lashes etc… more high maintenance she is)

5 - Length, thickness and quality of your hair (Another health indicator)

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Man

1 - “We need to talk”

This produces the ‘oh shit’ reaction… and we go on the defensive.

2 - “Is she prettier than me?”

This is like the ‘Do I look fat in this’ question. We know that if we give the wrong answer… we are in big trouble… so we go on the defensive.

3 - “Don’t bother… I’ll do it myself”

That makes us feel useless and un-wanted… and we resent you for making us feel that way.

4 - “Did you sleep with her?”

This makes a man think… ‘If I say yes she’ll be unhappy with me, if I say no, she won’t believe me, so I’m screwed either way’. Men can be very self-conscious about their past sex life… just like a woman can be.

5 - “Nothing’s wrong”

When a man asks you ‘are you ok’, and you answer ‘yes’, even though you aren’t ok, we know you are lying, and we resent having to ask 50 questions to find out what the problem is.


David Coates

Born in the small town Shipley, ENGLAND

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Free Case Study

How Sarah got David back in six weeks… after a complex relationship… a terrible breakup and six months apart (true story).


How to escalate from meeting for coffee… to dating him again.

Coffee to Dating


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Recommended Products

With so many great products out there… it wasn’t easy for me to choose a few to recommend to you.

Ever since I was a kid… I ‘ve always loved reading books. I remember going to the local library every Saturday morning and just sitting there reading books. When you have a bad speech problem… you have a lot of time to yourself :-(

Over the years I must have read at least three hundred books on relationships, dating, the difference between men and women… and my favourite subject… Human Behavioural Psychology.

(Understanding human behaviour helped me cure my stutter)

Anyway… here’s my short list… and why this product is on my list.

First… my own stuff.

1 - “Case Study” - If you haven’t already got it… download a free copy of my case study. It’s based on a true story of how my ex-girlfriend got me back after we broke up… and tells you… how to get a first date with your ex-boyfriend.

2 - “Coffee to Dating” - I wrote this for women who had been on the first date with their ex… and now wanted to know how to change the whole mood from just meeting for an innocent cup of coffee… to dating him again… ultimately… changing how he feels about you.



Download Coffee To Dating Now

Coffee to Dating

Next… other peoples stuff:

1 - “Text Your Ex Back” by Michael Fiore

I call this a ‘must have’ product… if you are serious about really getting your ex-boyfriend back into your life… because… he gives you actual text messages to send to your ex… designed have an impact on him.

For example… ‘across the bow’ text messages are designed to really get your ex’s attention.

‘My favourite section is ‘Virtual to physical’… how to move from just talking to him by sending text messages… to making him want to meet you for a date.

Lastly… I like Text Your ex Back… because it takes into account modern developments. Today… people have different expectations from a relationship. Twenty years ago… the world was a simpler place… today the world is more complex… so men want more from a relationship with a woman.

I rate Text Your Ex Back… 5 out of 5


2 - Be Irresistible - by James Bauer

This product is stunning in it’s accuracy… regarding male psychology. I understand that as a woman… you want to be desired… by the man you love… and you want him to love for the person you are… as well.

I’m recommending this product to you because you will discover how to uncover what your ex secretly wants from a woman… why he won’t commit to you… and most importantly… how to truly understand a man.

Ultimately… the more you understand about men… the quicker and easier you will be able to get him back into your life… permanently.

I rate Be Irresistible… 5 out of 5.


3 - Obsession Phrases - by Patrick

I wish there was a version of this for men. There are certain phrases a woman can say to a man… that ‘control his emotions’… and make yourself much more appealing to him.

These phrases you can easy slip into a quick text message.

Here’s the link to the website… I strongly recommend you at least watch the presentation video… and buy the product.

Obsession Phrases is easily 5 out of 5